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I have not been on lj for ages. I bought a fighter fish about a week ago. His name is Labyrinth and he is an awesome aqua colour with red and pink fins. He is very active and when he swims he has a purple rainbowy shimmer across his body. I would love to have heaps of them around my bedroom. I bought a really cute little tank for him. I also bought some new tropical fish for my big fish tank. The next pet I would like to have is a walking fish (axeotyl?).

I climbed Mt. Warning with Dad, Ryan and Joel a few weeks ago. It was a rather exhausting hike but well worth the magnificent view from the top. I took lots of photos with my digital camera. I was damn tired on the way home and had to go straight into work to do a closing shift. Was very happy to get to bed that night.

I went over to Coochie Island with Mum and Joel for the day recently. I love being near the water and just nature in general. It makes me feel so calm and complacent and always provides time for deep thought. I collected some shells, coral and rocks for my fish tanks. We were searching for a cave-like rock for my fighter fish but the ones we found were all too big.

Mum celebrated her 50th birthday at Coochie on the weekend. I could not attend due to work so had the house to myself with Kraig's company. I love being able to play loud music when Mum and Stuart are not here...I seldom get to dance around in the lounge room anymore. Happy Birthday to Gally and anyone else who has had a recent birthday. I wanted to go to Corrosion on Saturday but it was not to be but I will definitely attend the next one...cannot wait to finally see Alrey play.

I got bitten by a wild rat just over a week ago while trying to rescue it from my cat Trinity. It bit right through my finger nail and the cut would not stop bleeding for ages. It bloody hurt so much...I screamed very loudly but no one was home to assist me. I hate animals being killed by cats though I realise it is part of their natural instincts but the rattie was so cute and terrified, I had to try and save him. He ran behind the stereo cabinet after that and I could not get to him so I am not sure what happened to him :/ The doctor put me on antibiotics for the week but said I am not due for a Tetanus shot til I am 30 due to the one we all have in high school. My finger is nearly better now so all is good :)

I spent most of the day around the Valley and New Farm accompanying Kraig for his Scene deliveries. I really like going to the waterside at West End. Kraig and I often look in Bent Books and go to the little bakery and then have lunch on one of the jetties near the water. I must get ready for work now. Do not have any plans for the weekend yet so I am not sure what I will get up to. Have fun peoples :)
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