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"Into the living sea of waking dreams"

I have been in the Valley a lot lately. Kraig has to go to the Salvos Employment place every Mon-Wed. so I usually just wander throughout the valley while waiting. I really enjoy sitting in China Town. It is so peaceful and I get to feed the fish in the pond, which also has a very cute tortoise. Bought some funky note books from one of the cute, little asian stores and some miniature jelly fruit cups from the asian supermarket...mmmm squishy jelly.

I am reading Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite at the moment. It is really good so far...rather captivating. I have also read her books 'Swamp Foetus', 'Lost Souls' and 'Love in Vein I'. She is a great writer. I was reading some Anne Rice before that and some other books in between...gotta love those vampire erotica stories!

Have been spending lots of time with my baby Trinity. She is such an adorable kitty. She is sleeping on my bed right now, exhausted from being psycho kitty in the back yard. She hunts absolutely everything that moves. Whenever I am down all I have to do is look at her and a smile spreads over my face :) She is still a bit scared of my dog, Goldie, but gets along well now with my bouncy bunny and Stuart's cat. I don't think she has noticed my fish yet. I want more animals!!!

Am going to the Spring Hill Hotel on Sat. night for Kraig's gig. Have to work til about 9 but he is not on til 11 so it's all good. He has some other gigs with Dead Inside the Chrysalis coming up. Am excited for him...he is a very talented musician.

Came across Speccy working in 7/11 yesterday. He gave me a free slurpee :) Hope your last day went ok *hugs* Need more parties. Hayley and Tim get crackin' with your housewarming, cannot wait 2 more weeks for it and Mark is having one soon as well. It was good seeing all you guys and many others at the Basement last Wed. Would not mind going to the Big Gay Day in the Valley in March. I think it would be lots of fun, Kraig does not seem too keen but Anna may. Anna, we still need to organise a time for you to see Trinity, while she is still a kitty.

I really want to go back to Yamba already. I miss the ocean, it is so beautiful and amazing. I really am a typical Piscean in many, many ways. Will have to get to the coast soon. I could have gone this sunday with Dad and my brothers but I have to start work at 8am :/

Now it is time to sleep and have numerous more bizarre dreams.
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