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"There's nothing quite like the feel of something new"

Once again I have not updated in aggggeeesss. I am so slack!

Have been going to the Basement on Wednesday nights for the past few weeks. Greg pretty much convinced me to go after formerly meeting him at Darian's party. I really like the people who go to the basement, well most of them. I have met some very nice and interesting people lately. Though the bands are way too loud godammit! It is very difficult to hear anyone let alone have a conversation. Went to the Pig n Whistle one night afterward. Ben unexpectedly grabbed John from behind so he ended up with a full pint of beer slammed against his eye. He has a nice gash on his eyebrow to show for it.

Stayed at Greg's place on tuesday and wednesday. He played me some Zerofix and I really like it. I think him, Shane and Mark have a lot of potential. His flatmate has the cutest cat 'Oscar'. It is an eating-machine. They have an awesome place at red hill with a massive deck overlooking the city. Greg stayed here on saturday night. We drank Jim Beam, listened to music and kinda watched 'From Hell'. I pretty much drifted off toward the end but Johnny Depp is very sexual.

Am probably going to Greg's place tomorrow night. We are going to go shopping for funky knee-high socks (for me). I want morrreeee! Also want to have a proper look in Off Ya Tree. I bought a little purple dragon and a blue arm band with stars from there the other day. They have heaps of funky stuff and at decent prices. Must go to work now and must see Terminator 3 with Kraig very soon :)
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