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"Washes me away...makes me disappear"

Had a really good 21st birthday. Had dinner with Dad, Joel and rellies on wednesday night and with Mum, Ryan and Stumyass on sunday night. Was given some cool pressies. Got a 1 litre bottle of Baileys, mmmmm, I luurvvve it! Received lotsa money, which I have managed to spend already and I think I shall get a Baby G watch with the other money from mum. Kraig bought me a funky 3D neck collar, tis very trippy. Got some gift vouchers for Myer and other places so must go shopping.

Had planned to go to Kurt's housewarming on sat. night but ended up having to work til 12am then had to be back at 8am and worked til 4.30pm on sunday. I was not very impressed and rather tired by sunday afternoon but I made such good money and really needed it cause of taking monday and tuesday off due to being attacked by the flu.

For those of you catching the bus to my party on sat. nite, peoples are meeting in the city outside hungry jacks at 7.30pm, the bus leaves from the myer centre at 7.45pm. Kurt will be leading you to the bus stop and to my place in carindale, hopefully he shall remember the way :)Bring any cds you want played.

All has been good lately except that my cat Storm is missing. She has been missing for about 2 weeks and there has been no sign of her. We think she may have gotten into the back of the ute that my brother's friend owns and now could be anywhere. We have fliers up around our area, have contacted the RSPCA and council and have gone searching. My poor baby, I love her sooooo much, I want her back NOW!

Am rather bored, tis my day off and I know I should just be relaxing and making the most of it but I wanna do something but I don't know what dammit. Am trying to speak to Ramon on ICQ but there is something severely wrong with it, my messages don't go through and I cannot authorise most people. It is very frustrating. Am off to feed the pets.
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