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"It takes too much to please me...touched but no real feeling"

Friday night at faith was very entertaining. Was really good to catch up with Anna, despite her piking early from tiredness :P Had much alcohol and danced lots and lots, inside and around the poles outside. All was good except for getting bothered by many drunk morons and also for the passion pop explosion in my bag. It managed to destroy my mobile and camera :/ But I got a new phone today and should be able to get a new camera off my auntie who works for Fuji/Hanimex. That's what I get for bringing that damn fizzy, bubbly, deadly drink along, but of course I'll do it again :) It was amusing to watch john and craig fight over the remaining tiny bit left in the bottle.

Had to work sat. night. Went to the coast sunday morning. Met up with John and wandered around. He brought his ferret with him. It is absolutely gorgeous. I want one! It has a harness and leash so we took him for a walk on the beach. he was digging in the sand and running up to the water and then running the other way when the water got too close. It certainly attracts a lot of attention. We had heaps of people coming up to us. A lot of them had no idea what it was. A little girl asked her mum "what is that thing?" and a little boy responded "it's a big mouse" cute. John is staying in Brisbane on thursday for the weekend so we are going to head out and about.

On Sunday night went into the valley with craig, ellie, kurt and john. We went to alarm first for the free alcohol and then roamed to various other pubs. We were all rather trashed after a couple of hours and bought some really tasty asian junk food, was much fun.

Have to work soon then probably going to K's place. Want to show him the 'special cases' clip by massive attack, I really like it. Would love to go to the concert but of course it is very expensive. Saw the electric six film clip for 'danger! high voltage' again. It is bloody hilarious. Time to make a move.
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